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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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likron 4 news at 11:00. commute meeting didn't go as planned tonight. san francisco's police chief was there but he was shotted down. the meeting was in response to a officer involved shooting that happened saturday night. kenneth harding was shot and killed. police say he fired at them when officers fired back. kron 4's jr stone was at tonight's meeting. >> reporter: san francisco police helped org this meeting along with community members, menry passed out flyers trying to get people involved. however, this meeting appeared to go nowhere fast. >> reporter: on saturday afternoon two officers --
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>> i apologize if you can't hear me. officers responded to the scene -- i apologize if you can't hear me but i am trying. as me move further into this investigation we received scientific shot spotter information, the commander -- >> reporter: you can see at times it was hard to understand what was being said but even afterwards the chief remained optimistic. >> everybody is upset. everybody wants to see me and they want to have the conversation in their community. here i am. i love this community and there are hurt people in there and they needed to hear from us. they shouted me down. now i have to come back again. i said and i mean it, i will be out in communities to let everybody get it out and i will be back as many -- i am here
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all the time. i will be back a all the time -- back all the time. >> reporter: the chief says he will keep on going. as for events planned, there is one candlelight vigil and one rally for friday. reporting from san francisco, jr stone, kron 4 news. a mother heard the gun shots this weekend when she was out with her dotters and she became emotional today when there were calls for police to leave the meeting. >> i heard the gunfire. it's not the time for this to happen. please don't leave me. with the hope and faith. our community can act right. we can act right. all this nonsense. like a basket of apple. a couple of rotten ones will rotten the whole basket.
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a lot of people left already. i need you to stay so everyone knows what is happening. violence. extreme gang violence. not just that san francisco pd. they are distracting the point here. we need help. we need help. i am prying to finish school and move out of here. i have nothing but faith and hope that this will get better. >> a follow up to the protest in san francisco that took a violent turn last night. this was a response to the shooting. police arrested 43 people. they will be sited for failure to obey order. there were a few clashes between police and protesters. you are looking at one of the fights that broke out after 20 people were taken into custody a. a reporter for the chronicle was knocked to the ground. she was not hurt although her camera was broken.
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she wasn't it the only one, jr stone was deattend. they were trying to move away as you see here but police formed a barrier surrounding them to make the arrests. there was minor damage. this is a hole after the window at the bank of america was smashed. inside the castro muni station. police responded by throwing smoke bombs, one in this scene and during the arrests, officers found things like gas masks masks and a large hammer as in this case, clearly items not intended for a peaceful protest. the upswing in violence in richmond took a turn today. a young man was gunned down today and this brings 20, the
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number of homicides in richmond this year. kron 4's dan kerman gives us a look. >> reporter: residents describe this as a safe haven for children in a troubled area. but the outside wasn't safe for darrel russell. he was gunned down in broad day light. >> there were actually kids outside. it was concerning the level of violence increased. >> this is the eight homicide this month in richmond and it may be connected to a feud between gangs in north richmond and central richmond. >> the boldness of the shooting tells us we are not playing with people that are caring about anybody in the community. they are out here and they will get whoever they can. >> reporter: if those who live in the city, it's getting to be too much. >> frightening. i am trying to make my mind up
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to leave. >> reporter: other are so fearfulled with only speak if we didn't show their face. >> victim of a crime. wrong place, wrong time, you know, sad. these are quids over here. we can't even go to the park without being afraid for our kids' lives at a park. it's real sad. 07 of the eight shootings this month the majority of the suspects haven't been caught. dan kerman, kron 4 news. three hikers are presumed dead after going over a water fall at yosemite national park. climbed over a barricade at vernal fall. you are looking at their friends. they tried to save her. kron 4's reggie kumar was at a special individual tool honor those victims in san jose. >> friends gathered inside this
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church in san jose to pray for 22-year-old hormiz david of modesto, 27-year-old ninos yacoub of turlock and 21-year- old ramina badal of modesto. yosemite national park officials all three are presumed dead after slipping into the vernal fall tuesday. he says all three were part of the community. >> this is one of the ways of showing how close we are. >> reporter: they know the female victim and her family. they say she was active in our church. >> very smart girl. "a" student in college. you see them in yosemite national park already. they are all there. looking around. they haven't found them yet.
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>> very nice girl. very involved with our church and youth group. she -- she had a passion for, you know, her faith. >> reporter: he says all three were part of the church's youth program. the two male victims loved helping people. >> we are hopeful they will be back home safe because they haven't found them. we don't presume they are dead but we hope and faith in jesus that they will be home safe. >> reporter: reggie kumar . fire in san francisco. the fire at this two story home broke out in the 400 block of wallace street at 6:30. one pet rescues. no reports of injury. look at high temperatures today, it was a hot day for inland valleys and south bay. 91 redwood city. 91 san jose and 96 in
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livermore. i will have details come up in in a bit.
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. national news tonight, the tsa is installing new software on body scanners. it will show a generic outline of the person. passengers will be able to see the same outline the agents are seeing. delta cutting service to 24 smaller u.s. cities. they are blaming high fuel costs drop in earnings. they filed a 90 day notice to end services. no california cities are effected. to the shuttle program, it will come to an end in a few hours. atlantis scheduled to land before 3:00 a.m. stay with us. more news after the break. hey parents, it's going to be a big school year.
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woman is facing charges of attempting kidnapping and burglary. mayra flores, accused of trying to lure a girl away from her sister. there is the girl. the woman repeatedly claimed the child was her own. >> it was really scary. she was like i am going to take her. and buy her chocolate. i am like no, that's nigh sister. >> investigators said she followed them home, porscheed the way into her home. she was later caught buyables police. man was arrested and accused of kidnapping a girl and trying to molester. he grabbed the child, brought her to a shrewded area. the girl was able to breakaway and get away. the 49ers and raiders could get a new stadium but there would be a catch and under some
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plans they would have to share. a new stadium could put both teams under one roof. the san francisco 49ers and oakland raiders are looking at stadium solutions together. >> there have been discussions between the two organizations and -- as partners in the bay area, nfl partners in the bay area. there is no agreement in place for the teams to share the stadium. >> they play in two of the oldest stadiums in the nfl and the city of oakland has been in talks with the raiders about a two-team stadium as their lease is set to expire following the 2013 season. the 49ers have a project in the works for a stadium but it carry as huge price tag. a possible deal with the raiders could be the best money move.
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>> there are a lot of different hypothetics and different situations that could happen. as of right now our plan is to move forward to build it here and, who knows what the future holds. >> location would be a key issue. the 49ers already have plans to build a new stadium here near their headquarters and they secured $150 million in revenue. but estimates are close to $1 billion to get this stadium built. kron 4 news. it was a hot day out there today but charities below record. take a look. concord 95. record was 100. 5 degrees short. shy of the record in livermore. 109 was the record, only hit 96. hayward 86 degrees. three degrees shy of the record. and we will have similar
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conditions tomorrow. not record breaking temperatures but still pretty warm. tomorrow, coastal fog to start the day. fog along the coast and it will clear out by noon, 4:00 temperatures roaring back into the 90s like livermore. 80s in the south bay. fog for tomorrow morning. briefly moving into the bay shores. 7:00 seeing fog in oakland and down the peninsula. 9:00 back to the coast line. 10:00 hugging the coast. watch this, winds will kick in and clear out this fog. you can see, 2:00 clearer conditions to the north and sun breaks to the south later in the afternoon. high temperatures tomorrow. hot one on tap. 86 fremont. 87 san jose with ninety in los gatos. 90s morgan hill. 68 long the coast. san francisco 72 degrees there.
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80s for the north bay. 93 in concord. seven day around the bay forecast. one more hot day before things change. sea breeze kicks in on friday, more fog and cooler temperatures. and that marine air through the weekend, dropping temperatures to 84 degrees. keeping it in the 70s for the bay shores into next week. ghariby is up next with giants-dodgers highlights. gary is up next. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, we're giving you a big thank you this friday and saturday with the simplest way to save extra! just use your jcpenney rewards credit card to save an extra 20% on everything storewide! no exclusions! save an extra 20% on styles for her, brands for him, and clothes for kids. plus get an extra 20% off shoes, too! no jcpenney card? we'll still thank you with an extra 15% off! the savings are that simple!
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. all right. good evening, everybody. the a's little touch of history tonight introit. they beat the tigers 7-5 but matsui connected on his 500th home run. before we put him into cooper's town, 186 were hit playing
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major league baseball. 332. but still, 500 is 500 and this young fan didn't want to give it back. he finished off a good game, base hit here. the a's at this point in the season out of any post-season dreams. try your best. you are a pro. see how many games you could win. 7-5 a's. giants and dodgers. great show today. jeff, i got to laugh. here is this young guy. second base. the giants acquired him from houston. cameras in his face, standing ovation when he arrived. 0-1. lincecum. clayton kershaw. no runs. one tally put on the board by navarro. 7 inning for tim and the story
11:25 pm
is clayton kershaw has the giants snap a -- dodgers snap a six game losing streak to the giants by 1-0 and again, i can't help -- here is this guy. flight was delayed in houston. got here in the middle of the game. sixth inning, got a standing ovation. 90% of the people don't know who he is, but the giants, everything you touch turns to goal. we will see what happens next. the giants have a new guy. >> really nice. i don't think i have had one of those. ever. so. nice to know they are welcoming me here. i am glad to be here. tiger woods fired his caddy. steve williams has been with woods 13 years. excuse me, 12 years. been with him 12 years. woods won 72 titles during
11:26 pm
those years. 13 majors. woods informed him couple weeks ago he wants to go in a different direction. tiger woods made it official today on his website. steve williams said he was shocked. nfl labor news. the players didn't vote on the new proposal. both sides still getting ready to nail this thing down. by all accounts, probably will not miss any football this fall. yao ming retired today. all over united states media last week. he reached a podium today and did his thing. hard to understand how big this guy is. you think lebron james. magic johnson. larry bird. in shanghai, this guy bigger than any of the united states
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stars. he was the king. his 7'6" frame, too much of a strain on his knees, feet, has to retire. tour de france. 17 stages. thomas holds on to the advantage he had going in. lost a couple of seconds. stage dominated by norway. tour favorite made up a little time but not much. this event will end in paris on sunday. that is sports at this hour. keep the air conditioning going tomorrow. if you are lucky enough to have it. >> hot tomorrow. 90s and we will be seeing temperatures in the 80s for the bay shores. another hot day. minimal fog. sea breeze friday and especially this week, which means fog for the bay shores. a cooler temperature. temperatures inland more comfortable, 84 degrees for the
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weekend. >> take the day off and go to the beach. or not. have a good night everybody. see you tomorrow.
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